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Bangladesh Studio (B.Sc.) – Resilient community upgrading

Building on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) - this studio will be dealing with the crucial issue of the right to housing in the global south read more

Design Studio WS 2022/23

Thursday, 14:00-18:00h
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Shaharin Annisa, Dr. Josefine Fokdal



In this design studio, public space management, bottom-up governance and participatory development will be emphasized read more

Design Studio WS 2021/22

Thursday, 14:00-18:00h
Online (WEBEX-Meetings) and hybrid (if applicable)
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Shaharin Annisa, Dr. Josefine Fokdal


P.S. Sarajevo_Stuttgart

This studio aims at investigating the use and redefinition of public space under COVID-19. read more

Design Studio WS 2020/21

Thursday, 9:00-14:00h
Online (WEBEX-Meetings)
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Dr. Josefine Fokdal, Rainer Goutrié, Raphael Dietz



In this design studio, we will study the correlation between urban form, governance, and collaborative action within neighborhood transformation projects read more

Design Studio WS 2020/21

Wednesday, 9:00-13:00h
Online (WEBEX-Meetings)
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Shaharin Annisa, Yassine Moustanjidi


Indonesia Studio

This studio provides a venue to explore  the challenges and opportunities of urban growth in Bandung, Indonesia, especially in the interface between formal and informal urban development.  read more

Design Studio WS 2019/20

Thursday, 9:00-13:00h
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Yassine Moustanjidi

Neckar Reloaded III – Reclaim the River

In cooperation with the City of Stuttgart and other partners, SI focuses on upgrading the Stuttgart Neckar Valley. read more

Design Studio WS 2018/19

Thursday, 9:45-17:00h
Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Prof. Jan Dieterle,
Dr. Dan Teodorovici, Dr. Sigrid Busch, Raphael Dietz