Bangladesh Studio (B.Sc.) – Resilient community upgrading

Building on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) – this studio will be dealing with the crucial issue of the right to housing in the global south, with a focus on inclusive and resilient urban development.

The main aim of the studio is to develop the knowledge and skills of students as future experts and urban managers in dealing with topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and localising these. The studio will be conducted in collaboration with University of Khulna and GIZ.

The specific context will be Bangladesh (the case studies will be based in the city of Khulna), which has been the arena of various ambitious projects that tried to deal with the chronic issue of urban informality and provide decent housing for the vulnerable urban population.

Beyond discussing the issues of housing and urban resilience under the umbrella of the SDGs and the NUA (New Urban Agenda), this studio will provide the opportunity to work in a collaborative way to unpack notions such as inclusiveness, social justice, risk management, and community participation within specific case studies in Bangladesh. These themes will also be further discussed at the N-AERUS conference on “Transforming Role of State in Addressing Inclusive Urban Development” which we will also attend in Khulna, Bangladesh 27 – 29th of October


The estimated costs for the excursion (including flight, accommodation and daily expenses, visa cost) are roughly 1.100 Euro. The excursion to Bangladesh is expected to be self-funded by the participants.