Indonesia Studio

This studio provides a venue to explore  the challenges and opportunities of urban growth in Bandung, Indonesia, especially in the interface between formal and informal urban development. 

The Indonesia Studio is a follow-up to the seminar “Unpacking Indonesia’s urban shift” through which we deconstructed some of the spatial and social complexities of urban transformation in Indonesia, and particularly in the city of Bandung. 

A preparatory summer school in Bandung will be organized to give the participants the opportunity to conduct on-site field work and explore the city’s approach to deal with the rapid urban growth and the emerging conflicts between the formal and informal dynamics in a situation of severe ecological and social stress. 

Based on a Problem-oriented approach, the studio will build up on these results to develop specific design solutions that address some of the most critical topics related to Bandung’s urban development such as risk management, informality, community participation, governance, etc. 

Throughout this studio, the students will be supported in developing systematic research and design approaches to their topics. 

The Studio is held in English and is based on intensive self-study work accompanied by tutorials. The participation in the excursion to Bandung, Indonesia (27.09. to 10.10.2019) is an essential part of the studio.