Dipl. Ing. M.Arch. Yassine Moustanjidi

Dipl. Ing. M.Arch. Yassine Moustanjidi

Dipl. Ing. M.Arch. Yassine Moustanjidi

PhD Candidate

Telephone +49 (0)711 685 83371

Since 2017
PhD candidate at University of Stuttgart, Germany, on Geographies of cross-border urban governance in Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia Growth Triangle

Dual Master Urban Design / Architecture at Berlin University of Technology / Tongji University, Shanghai, on Shanghai’s Urban growth scenarios 2030

Diploma of Architecture, at Ecole Nationale d’Architecture, Rabat, Morocco, on multifunctional urban agriculture in Casablanca

CV Summary

Dipl.-Arch. MSc. Yassine Moustanjidi is an architect and urban designer. He is a practitioner and a researcher on the issues of urban sustainability and mega-urbanization. He has been part of the international  research project “Future Megacities: Energy and climate efficient structures in urban growth centres” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF),  which conducted  action-research in nine future megacities around the world (2009-2014).

Yassine has worked intensively on the challenges of urbanization within the MENA region, China, and Europe, and actively participated in a variety of International conferences, competitions and workshops on the topic. He also took part in regional leadership programs such as the “US-Middle East Partnership Initiative” in Washington, D.C and “Young Arab Leaders” in Kuala Lumpur.

Yassine is currently teaching and researching at the department of International Urbanism, University of Stuttgart, and is a PhD candidate working on the topic of cross-border urban governance in Singapore-Johor-Riau extended urban region.


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Various contributions in: Giseke, Undine (2015), Urban Agriculture for Growing City Regions: connecting urban-rural spheres in Casablanca. Routledge, ISBN 9781317910138

Moustanjidi, Y. (2014): ‘Multifunctional urban agriculture, an urban planning model for the megacities of tomorrow.’ In: Book series Future Megacities, research papers for future megacities on governance, water, planning, and mobility

Moustanjidi, Y. (2011): ‘Casablanca foodprint’. In: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (ed.), Future Megacities in Balance Young Researchers, Symposium 2011: Dok& Vol. 66.