M.Arch. Vladyslav Tyminskyi

M.Arch. Vladyslav  Tyminskyi

M.Arch. Vladyslav Tyminskyi

Researcher and Lecturer, PhD Candidate

Telephone +49 (174) 35 36 671

Since 2022
Guest researcher on urban pedagogies at the Architecture Philosophy and Theory (APT) academic group (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, the Netherlands)

Since 2022
Editorial board member of Planning Practice & Research (PPR) peer-reviewed journal

Since 2018
Ph.D. candidate at the University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, provisional title of thesis ‘Transfer Mechanisms of Strategic Spatial Planning to Post-Soviet Cities: The case of Integrated Urban Development Projects in Ukraine’

Consultant on Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine at Gleichmann Büro für Stadtentwicklung (Dresden, Germany)

2015 – 2018
Education programme director and mentor at CANactions School for Urban Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine / Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Diploma of Specialist (equivalent to Master of Science in Architecture) at Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Architecture (Kharkiv, Ukraine), title of thesis ‘Strategic Spatial Development of a Small-sized Ukrainian City (Svitlovodsk Case Study)’

CV Summary

Ph.D. Candidate Vladyslav Tyminskyi is a researcher, lecturer, and consultant on strategic planning and integrated urban development, whose mission is to promote expert knowledge about Ukraine internationally. His profile is shaped at the intersection of interdisciplinary policy research, experiential urban pedagogy, and post-structuralist theory of architecture and planning.

Vladyslav’s doctoral project at the University of Stuttgart (Chair of International Urbanism) (started in 2018) is focused on the processes, actors, and practices of the mobilization, assembling, and adaptation of an integrated urban development policy in Ukraine through German-funded technical assistance programmes of the 2010s. Preliminary results of the research have been widely presented on various international scholarly platforms, including publications in peer-reviewed journals and contributions to academic events at UCL (the UK), ETH Zürich (Switzerland), and TU Delft (the Netherlands), among others.

Since 2022, Vladyslav is a guest researcher on the policies of trans-institutional collaboration in the field of urban pedagogy at the Architecture Philosophy and Theory (APT) academic group (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft). Furthermore, he is an editorial board member of Planning Practice & Research (PPR), a peer-reviewed journal committed to bridging the gaps between planning research, practice, and education, and between different planning systems.

Vladyslav’s research and teaching activities are informed by the practice of spatial planning and urban development. Specifically, between 2016 and 2022, he worked for two Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) projects in Ukraine — ‘Integrated Urban Development I and II’ and ‘National Urban Development Policy (NUDP)’ — as an external consultant on strategic (spatial) planning and urban management.


Tyminskyi, V. (forthcoming): ‘Agency, Power and (Geo)politics of Integrated Urban Development Concepts: A Relational View of the ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Ukrainian Urban Design and Planning’. Accepted paper for the Histories of Urban Design book project, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Tyminskyi, V. (2022): ‘Planning in Independent Ukraine: Understanding its Becoming and Consolidation, Planning Practice & Research’. In: DOI: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02697459.2022.2066766?src=recsys. Published online: 19 Apr 2022

Tyminskyi, V. (2022): ‘Mobilization, Assembling and Translation of Integrated Urban Development Policy in Ukraine: Revealing Strategies, Actors and Labors’. In: Planning Practice & Research, Special Issue on Regional Design. DOI: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02697459.2022.2042922. Published online: 23 Feb 2022.

Tyminskyi, V.; Van De Wetering, H.; Thomann, U. (2016): ‘Contemporary Urban Development in Ukraine: The Vinnytsia Case’. In: Mistosite. Accessed May 15, 2018. https://mistosite.org.ua/ru/articles/contemporary-urban-development-in-ukraine-the-vinnytsia-case.

Tyminskyi, V. (2013): ‘Have Post-soviet Cities Got a Future?’. In: Urban Studies: Politics and Practices of Urban Renewal (Supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine), edited by S. Schlipchenko, V. Tyminskyi, et al., 205-216. Kyiv: PE Moskalenko O.M.

Tyminskyi, V.; Kamyshan, A. (2012): ‘Svitlovodsk: Realized Utopia of the USSR’. In: DO.CO.MO.MO. International Journal, no.46 (Summer 2012): pp. 80-82.


Selected Presentations

‘Flat (Ontology) Turn’ in Urban Pedagogies within the Traditional Academia and beyond. Paper presentation at the Ecologies of Architecture (EoA) research meeting, TU Delft, the Netherlands.

Ukraine and Its Cities in the Whirlpool of Circulating Urban Development Policies: Brief Overview, (Some) Critical Remarks, and Further Inquiry Directions. Lecture for the Master’s Module ‘Prozess und Steuerung’, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany.

Assembling the Urban: An Actor-relational Perspective on Spatial Strategy-Making for Urban Regions. Extended abstract presentation at the AESOP online conference ‘Regional Design: A Transformative Approach to Planning’.

Transfer Mechanisms of Strategic Spatial Planning to Post-Soviet Cities: The Case of Integrated Urban Development Projects in Ukraine. Paper presentation at the Conference ‘At the Frontiers of the Urban: Thinking Concepts and Practices Globally’, University College London (UCL), the UK.

Contemporary Challenges for the Development of Liveable Cities in Germany and Ukraine. A keynote presentation at the 2nd German-Ukrainian Conference on Urban Development ‘Liveable Cities’ (Lviv, Ukraine).