M.Sc. Franziska Laue

M.Sc. Franziska Laue

M.Sc. Franziska Laue

PhD Candidate


Doctoral Candidate, University of Stuttgart, The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley) on “Socio-Spatial Aspects for Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Heat Affected Urban Neighborhoods”

December 2019 – onward
Project coordinator in Socially Integrative City Programme at Municipal Planning and Housing Authority in Stuttgart

2013 – 2019
Project Coordinator and Lecturer at MSc. IUSD Programme, and Researcher at University of Stuttgart
Freelance consultant on Post Conflict Recovery, Climate Change

2011 – 2013
MSc. IUSD, University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University

Dipl. Ing Architecture, TU Berlin, Germany

CV Summary

Franziska Laue has a Diploma in architecture (Berlin) and a M.Sc. IUSD Double Degree (Stuttgart, Cairo).
Her expertise includes advise and research on urban heritage conservation, strategic discourse on post-conflict recovery, climate change resilience in arid regions, and informal urban development. She has joined and organized various workshops and conferences, and published several articles on informality and climate change adaptation in and on the MENA region.

She has done consultancies, project coordination in development cooperation, and research in in the MENA region (Syria, Egypt, Jordan) since 2004.
From 2007 until 2011, she was management assistant, and later project advisor to the urban historic archive, both within GIZ’s Urban Development Programme (UDP) in Aleppo, Syria.
In 2013, she worked as a consultant to community based climate adaptation in Greater Cairo for GIZ’s Participatory Development Programme (PDP). From 2013 – 2019 she was course coordinator and lecturer at the International Urbanism Institute, for the Arab-German M.Sc. Program IUSD at the University of Stuttgart. Currently, she is a project coordinator within the Social Cities Programme (Soziale Stadt / Zusammenhalt im Quartier) at the Municipal Planning and Housing Authority in Stuttgart (Germany).

She is a member of various associations dedicated to the urban development discourse, including “TRIALOG Journal e.V.” association on planning in the global context, “EZBEt e.V., the “Friends of the Old City of Aleppo”.

Currently, she is PhD candidate on the subject “socio-spatial aspects for climate change adaptation planning in heat affected urban neighbourhoods“.


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Participation at Expert Workshop on “Post-Crisis Recovery of Cultural Heritage”, organized by ICCROM ATHAR Sharjah. Title: “Planning Tasks and Tools for Planning for Post-Conflict Recovery of Urban Cultural Heritage”, 2019

Participation and Presentation at the Conferences and Workshops on “Toolkit for Post-Conflict recovery of Urban Cultural Heritage”, commissioned by GIZ, Eschborn. Title: “Planning Tasks and Tools for Planning for Post-Conflict Recovery of Urban Cultural Heritage”, 2018

Organization and implementation of the Academic IUSD Lab Conference and Workshop on “Scenarios for Post-War Reconstruction in Aleppo, Syria”, at University of Stuttgart, 2016