Dr.-Ing. Dan Teodorovici

Dr.-Ing. Dan Teodorovici

Dr.-Ing. Dan Teodorovici

Senior Researcher and Lecturer, Architect

Telephone +49 (0)711 685 83975

PhD in History and Theory of Architecture, University of Stuttgart

Member of the Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg

Diploma at the University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning 

CV Summary

Dr.-Ing. Dan Teodorovici is an architect trained at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Stuttgart (1993-2000), from where he got his PhD in architectural history and theory in 2010.

Having initially worked as a practising architect, he later discovered his passion for teaching and curating as well as for the history and theory of architecture and urbanism. As a practising architect he has worked in Stuttgart and Paris, with his expertise encompassing projects of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture. He has taught Urban Design at the Institute of Urban Planning and has been the ERASMUS co-ordinator of the Stuttgart Faculty (2003-2009), and later academic co-ordinator at the IZKT / International Centre of Cultural and Technological Research of the University of Stuttgart (2014-2015).

Since 2012 he has curated exhibitions in Germany, England and Romania, and his writings include publications in German, English, Romanian and Chinese. Dan Teodorovici is committed to the civic society project of railway infrastructural urbanism “Stuttgart Gleisbogen”. As a researcher at the Institute of Urban Planning / Chair of International Urbanism he is currently involved with the BMBF funded interdisciplinary project WECHSEL.


Teodorovici, D (2016): George Matei Cantacuzino – Modernismus Hibrid. Bucharest: Simetria; Tübingen/Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth Verlag. Original English edition (2014): George Matei Cantacuzino – a Hybrid Modernist. Tübingen/Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth Verlag

Teodorovici, D (2016): Die Prag – Stationen der Stadtbaugeschichte. In: Klegraf, Josef / Teodorovici, Dan (eds.): Von der Prag zum RosensteinViertel. Vom urbanen Kleinod zum lebenswerten Quartier am Stuttgarter Gleisbogen. Stuttgart: Karl Krämer Verlag, p. 16-55

Teodorovici, D (2015): Professoren am SI 1964–2014. In: Städtebau-Institut der Universität Stuttgart (ed.): Blick zurück nach vorn. 50 Jahre ›SI‹. Stuttgart: Städtebau-Institut, p. 108-119

Teodorovici, D (2014): Zur Geschichte des Stuttgarter Gleisbogens und seiner Kulturdenkmale. In: Klegraf, Josef (ed.): Der Stuttgarter Gleisbogen. Urbane Landschaft und Kulturdenkmale im Vorfeld des Hauptbahnhofs. Stuttgart: Karl Krämer Verlag, 2014, p. 20-45

Teodorovici, D (since 2012): Travelling exhibition G.M. Cantacuzino – a Hybrid Modernist. Venues: Architekturgalerie am Weißenhof, Stuttgart (2012), Consulate General of Romania in Munich (2012/13), Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe (2013), Romanian Cultural Institute & British Council, London (2014), Architekturmuseum Technical University Berlin (2015), Bauhaus Universität Weimar (2016), Cultural Centre Suceava, Romania (2016)

Teodorovici, D (2010-2011): Redesign of the inner courtyard of the Heidelberg University, located in the city centre. Project manager at Glück Landschaftsarchitektur Stuttgart