Urban Planning II

Elective / Seminar

The course is offered in combination with Regional Planning II (IREUS)

Urban Planning II

In today’s era of globalization and digitalization, cities constantly face challenges due to rapidly changing urban trends. Furthermore, one of the key challenges in urban planning education is connecting the theoretical discourse to the realities of professional practice. This course aims to bridge the gap by contextualizing current urban trends to specific sites in Stuttgart in order to envision the city’s urban futures. Each group of students in the seminar will have the possibility to work on one site focusing on one trending theme and an adjacent vision. Based on systematic assessment methodologies, the students are required to analyze and critically examine the trending theme of their chosen site. Students will be equipped with adequate methods and tools in order to carry out interviews, evaluating the projects´ strategies, achievements, strengths and weaknesses, environmental, social and economic impacts, etc. Subsequently, the students will be invited to propose improvement schemes, alternative strategies, or new interventions to the assessed sites.

First meeting: Wednesday, 10.04.2019 in Keplerstrasse 11, room 9.06

The course is offered in combination with Regional Planning II (IREUS, Prof. Dr. Jörn Birkmann).