WECHSEL (2017-2019)

The WECHSEL Research Project examined the transition of energy systems (also known as Energiewende in Germany) and its spatial dimension within the Neckar Valley of Stuttgart.

Additionally, it explored the possibilities of reconfiguring the existing energy infrastructure in favor of a high-quality urban and landscape development alongside the river bank.

The project was coordinated by the Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use, University of Stuttgart, and it was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the frame of the social-ecological research focused on the topic of “Sustainable Transformations of Urban Areas”.

The Institute of Urban Planning and Design was in charge of the work packages for the urban development of the Neckar area and aimed to couple research, teaching and practice, linking the energy industry, urban development and participation.

In this respect, the frame of work considered urban design criteria that meet an integrated and energy efficient approach which might set the path to more liveable neighborhoods within the Neckar Valley. Moreover, the project results may prove a vital element (1) for complementing the “Landschaftspark Neckar Master Plan” and (2) for inspiring the current work on the Urban Development Concept of the State Capital of Stuttgart.

Research Team (SI)
Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Busch / Dipl.-Ing. Raphael Dietz / Dr.-Ing. Dan Teodorovici

The project results include:
1. The final report (in German):

2. A Students´ “Newspaper” (English issue 2017, German issue 2018):
SI 2017_Stuttgart am Neckar_Student Newspaper

3. Two peer-reviewed articles (in English)

a) Raphael Dietz / Dan Teodorovici / Sigrid Busch et al.: Scenario-based mission statements. Promoting sustainable urban development in the context of energy transition.
In: TATuP (Zeitschrift für Technologiefolgenabschätzung in Theorie und Praxis / Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice), Vol. 30/1. Special Topic: Climate-neutral and intelligent cities in Europe, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), pp. 29-35:
TATUP_2021_1_Dietz et al_Mission Statements

b) Raphael Dietz / Sigrid Busch / Dan Teodorovici: Conflicts as catalytical elements in transdisciplinary knowledge production: Recommendations based on the research project WECHSEL.
In: TRIALOG. A Journal for Planning and Building in a Global Context, Vol. 137, Berlin 2021, pp. 24-30: TRIALOG 137 (2021)_Dietz et al

4. Stuttgart am Neckar. Entwicklungsräume für die Stadt am Fluss. Integrierte Konzeptstudie für eine nachhaltige urbane Transformation des Stuttgarter Neckartals. Edited by SI and City of Stuttgart, Department of Housing and Urban Planning (An integrated urban concept plan for the Stuttgart Neckar Valley). Stuttgart 2021 (a PDF version is available in the “Media Library”)