Vladyslav Tyminskyi will take part in the course “Global Urban Policy Mobilities”, University of Oslo

Vladyslav Tyminskyi, PhD Candidate at the Department of International Urbanism, University of Stuttgart, has been accepted for the PhD-level course “Global Urban Policy Mobilities” offered by the University of Oslo. The course is organized in the framework of the Oslo Summer School in Social Sciences 2021, and will be held by Prof. Dr. Kevin Ward, Manchester Urban Institute, the University of Manchester.

This course historicizes the emergence of this new sub-field of global urban policy mobilities. It introduces and discusses its intellectual origins, from across anthropology, human geography, political science, planning, and sociology, before setting out its central features. The methodological consequences of understanding the making of urban policy in a global-urban context are explored before the course turns to particular case studies. These exemplify both how policies emerge, travel, appear, and reappear in places, and the range of methods that have been used to study the phenomenon. It concludes by thinking through what the future of this sub-field might be in a COVID- 19 urban world.

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