TRIALOG Conference 2022 / Call for Abstracts

Conference hosted by Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Faculty of Architecture, Poland.

International cooperation between the Global North and Global South still suffers from a neo-colonial imbalance in both academic and political circles – a premise that is, however, increasingly and justifiably coming under criticism. Moreover, the assumed bipolarity between North and South has long been outdated while numerous young development poles have popped up in the former developing countries and are growing with an impressive rapid dynamic, while at the same time, the cards are being reshuffled within the northern hemisphere as well between East and West. This year’s TRIALOG conference aims to analyse current practices and discourses in this context, discuss progressive experiences and outline possibly more egalitarian approaches for the future.

Thinking outside the box and other perspectives to address the overarching conference title are welcome!

The upcoming TRIALOG conference, organized in cooperation with Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Faculty of Architecture. Moreover, this year’s conference, directly succeeding to the World Urban Forum 2022 in nearby Katowice, provides the chance to continue conversations held a few days prior.

The conference takes place unter the kind patronity of TUP – Society of Polish Town Planners, Silesian branch:

Location: Gliwice, Akademicka 7, Faculty of Architecture or Marcina Strzody 10

Call for abstracts (submission deadline 31 May 2022):

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