The interactive pop-up exhibition presents the results of this year’s Integrated Research and Design Studio (IRD II) titled “Stuttgart meets Superblock: Discovering streets as urban living rooms”.

It showcases visions and urban design ideas for the first superblock to be implemented in the city of Stuttgart. A superblock is an area of multiple city blocks bounded by arterial roads. Within the superblock, the local road network, if any, is designed to serve local needs only.

The proposed superblock is located in Stuttgart-West and covers the Augustenstraße and adjacent streets including Schwab-, Rotebühl-, Silberburg- and Reinsburgstraße. The exhibition approaches the issue from five thematic angles including sustainable urban mobility, urban ecology, social life, urban experimentation and governance. The goal is to raise awareness of the planned superblock in the neighborhood and to spark a discussion of the developed ideas for a green, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly and social neighborhood.

Visitors are invited to actively contribute their opinions on the future design and development of the neighborhood and to indicate their interest in actively shaping the Superblock project.

The exhibition takes place at the Kultuzentrum Merlin, Augustenstraße 72, 70178 Stuttgart.

The exhibition can be visited from 16:30pm CET. The official opening with a guided tour and presentation will begin at 7:00 pm.