Städtebau-Kolloquium: Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading / Michael Krause, Cape Town

The conversation explores holistic, multisectoral and area based approach of violence and crime prevention in low resourced communities in Cape Town.

It argues based on the first hand experience of an at scale intervention in eight neighbourhoods that such an area based approach can act as a protective factor in the wake of the social and economic impact of Covid-19 in eight communities. Through partnering and applying the 5 conditions of collective impact it has been possible to work together with local actors towards strengthening the local champions in restarting an economy on neighbourhood scale. The conversation also reflects on 12 years of collaboration in the Cape Town of applying tools to address all three types of violence – direct, cultural and institutional violence in co-creating safe spaces.

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Date & Time
7 December 2021
18:00 CET