This summer semester, the Lecture Series „Städtebau-Kolloquium“ will start on 27 April with a digital guest lecture from Barcelona on the topical „superblock“ phenomenon.

Xavi Matilla (Chief Architect, Barcelona City Council) and Sílvia Casorran (Mobility Councillor, Barcelona City Council) will talk about the Poblenou superblock.

Poblenou superblock was the first one implemented in ‚Cerdà grid‘, in 2016. It started as a university pilot project, with more than 100 architecture students involved. After an initially loud neighbour, media and political opposition, the city council decided to keep it to explore possibilities of the new urban planning cell. The participatory process that came afterwards let the neighbours choose what they wanted for the new public space that had been won to cars: playgrounds, picnic tables, trees, sports places, vegetable garden … and step by step a new social life appeared in an area where it did not exist before. Since then Barcelona has been creating more Superblocks and now the project is scaling-up to ‚Superilla Barcelona‘.

Guest Lecturers
Xavi Matilla
Chief Architect, Barcelona City Council
Sílvia Casorran
Mobility Councillor, Barcelona City Council

Date and Time
27 April 2021
18.00 Hours CET

Please join the lecture online via WEBEX
MEETING-KENNNR.: 121 669 2551