Astrid Ley contributes to virtual conference on the global relevance of sand


„Auf Sand gebaut?“/ „Built on Sand?“

Virtual Expert Talk,
Haus der Baustoffindustrie, Ostfildern

Astrid Ley contributes to an expert talk seeking to explore the imminent need of careful monitoring sand exploitation on a global scale.

Sand is one of the most important raw materials for the construction industry. For a long time it was thought to be infinitely available, but now an awareness of the world running out of sand has arisen.

This interdisciplinary workshop includes keynote speeches and expert talks. Professor Ley will join the second expert talk together with Klaus Grübnau, professor Dirk Hebel and Martin Rauch, and will focuse on approaches to building practice and innovation drawn from the Global South.

Dr Christina Alff

Date & Time:
Tuesday, 20 October 2020
The second expert talk featuring professor Ley takes place from 13:30 – 14:30.

Haus der Baustoffindustrie, Ostfildern, Baden-Württemberg

Co-operation partners:
Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, Landesbüro Stuttgart
Industrieverband Steine und Erden Baden-Württemberg e.V. (ISTE), Ostfildern
Werkstatt Ökonomie e.V., Heidelberg
ZEB – Zentrum für Entwicklungsbezogene Bildungsarbeit der Evangelischen Landeskirche Baden-Württemberg

201020 Virtual Conference on Sand_Ostfildern_Programme

Due to the current covid-19 epidemiological situation the expert talk takes place online. You are welcome to join the event via: