Our Chair has contributed to IFOU Conference 2022

The Chair of International Urbanism has participated in the 15th IFoU conference, which has been hosted by ENSAP Bordeaux from 29 June to 1 July 2022.
Evolving around the theme of „Internationalizing Education for the Ecological Transition Challenge: New Stakes for Sharing Knowledge and Acting in a Changing World“, the conference has been organized in five Topics:

1 / New InterdisCiplinary and interCultural approaches for facing global changes and their local impact.
2 / Elaborating and teaching new paradigms promoting localness in light of the crisis of globalized models for action
3 / New ideas about “North-South” relations for studying places in transition.
4 / New approaches to technical dimensions for the benefit of localities.
5 / international education policies and the ecological transition Challenge.

Our Chair has delivered three contributions to Topic 1.

Professor Astrid Ley, who is also a member of the IFOU scientific committee, has presented a paper co-authored with professor Leonie Fischer, Solène Guenat (both of ILPOE / Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology), and Franziska Schreiber (of SI and Bauhaus der Erde, Potsdam) on:
„Stuttgart meets Superblocks – Rediscovering streets as urban living rooms through a transdisciplinary and intercultural teaching approach“.

Then Shaharin Annisa has contributed a paper co-authored with Sigrid Busch and Josefine Fokdal on „Exploring local perspectives on areas in transition: Socio-spatial analysis wiht narrative story maps“.

Finally, Dan Teodorovici has presented a paper on
„Teaching for Sustainability: Inspirations from Hybrid Modernism“.

Conference date & time: 29 June – 1 July 2022

Venue: ENSAP Bordeaux

Technical moderation & Contact:
ENSAP Bordeaux, France
Professor Carlos Gotlieb