New research article by Vladyslav Tyminskyi out now

The work on the paper “Mobilization, Assembling and Translation of Integrated Urban Development Policy in Ukraine: Revealing Strategies, Actors and Labors” began more than a year ago, as a follow-up to the AESOP Online Conference “Regional Design: A Transformative Approach to Planning”.

However, I was informed about the publication of the paper in the Second Special Issue on Regional Design of Planning Practice & Research journal on February 24, 2022, when the Russian Federation waged a full-scale terrorist war against sovereign Ukraine and the entire democratic world.

Despite the month-long delay, I am pleased to share some findings on the socio-political and urban development patterns in independent Ukraine. As never before, I firmly believe the pathway taken by the country, its cities, and communities is a remarkable example that illustrates the complexity of assembling the desired development trajectories and reveals the potentiality of actualized power and distributed agency in the relational world(s) of the urban.

The article is freely available for download until the end of May 2022: