EZBET International Exhibition

EZBET International Exhibition 2018 (EIE2018) is an interactive event opening on 7th Nov. in Stuttgart, showcasing the five-year experience of EZBET Project.

In the framework of partnership between Universität Stuttgart and Ain Shams University, EIE2018 is organized as an interactive event in Stuttgart, showcasing the five-year experience of the EZBET Project. The exhibition displays the EZBET innovative way of community development in informal settlements through its participatory approaches and multi-disciplinarily. Along with an outdoor simulated and entertaining exhibition, workshops will take place with topics of “participation” and “bottom-up approaches”. EIE welcomes its guests from City of Stuttgart, DAAD, Global Engagement, IFA, as well as other universities and international institutions.

The exhibition is prepared in parallel with an international symposium N-AERUS. At the opening ceremony of EIE, a panel discussion would take place in collaboration with a Guest Professor Anopama at IRGE Institute for Raumkonzeption und Grundlagen Entwerfen where international keynote experts will provide a platform on urbanization and participation topics.

EZBET Project is an academic initiative fully supported by the DAAD-Program. The project’s academic backbone is the department of International Urbanism at the Institute of Urban Planning and Design (SI). The novelty of the project lies in its aim to provide the basic urban and social facilities in informal areas in Cairo through engaging three main stakeholders in development activities: 1) multi-disciplinary students and academics, 2) EZBET residents, and 3) governmental and non-governmental organizations. EZBET focuses on three main pillars: education, health and profession where they act as main keys for sustainable community development. Working hand in hand with local communities, the project helps to empower  residents and students to be part of the decision-making process, upgrading their world without changing its logic, culture or identity.