IUSD Lectures are back!

IUSD Lectures are back!

We are very pleased to announce IUSD Lectures in the winter semester 2020/21, which will be held as online events.

Since 2014, throughout the academic period, the IUSD team has been inviting international speakers to present their practical and academic work on exploring and tackling various social, political, cultural, and spatial aspects of Integrated Urbanism, Sustainable Architecture and Urban Ecology.

This semester we will be looking at case studies from both ‘Global North’ and ‘South’, discussing a wide-range of challenges and strategies towards a more integrated and sustainable future of our settlements.

The IUSD Lectures will be held in English via Cisco Webex on Thursdays (once a month from November 2020 to January 2021).

Follow the news on the website of the Chair of International Urbanism, where you will find all the information about the events in advance:


Moreover, this winter semester, we are happy to collaborate with CANactions School (Ukraine / the Netherlands):


We are kindly inviting the IUSD audience to attend CANactions School Talks — a series of online events with prominent international experts in Architecture and Urbanism.

Find out more at: