IUSD Lecture#1 Winter 2021 / Consultative hubs for democracy within neighborhoods in Muscat

We are delighted to welcome Rowa Elzain of MCTspaceLab – Oman for the first IUSD lecture of the new winter term. Rowa will focus on the case of Khoud 6 in Muscat, Oman, which manifests the collective power of inhabitants within local neighborhoods. The research presents interventions concerning physical infrastructure and youth capac­ity development within the neighborhood carried by various men and women committees. This model of decision-making and financing process raises the question to the existent of democratic practices within neighborhoods in a monarchy governing structure. Following a qualitative research approach, the research evaluates the governing structure of the mosque and surrounding facilities in Khoud 6, using local, regional and western principle of participation, social capital and democracy. The result presents a local participatory model within a neighborhood scale alongside culture values that govern urban development. The research concludes with an out­look on democratic processes within neighborhood scale that carry direct impact on the lives of those who live within a defined community along with the hierarchical framework of planning.

Date and time of the lecture
Thursday, 4 November 2021, 18:00 CET

Meeting number: 2732 157 6032
Meeting Password: MuscatStudio21