IUSd Lecture: Food for thoughts – What do urban farmers need to succeed?/ Grace Stead, Cape Town

It is a pleasure to welcome Grace Stead of Abalimi Bezekhaya, a non-profit organization in Cape Town townships that supplies around 3000 home gardens and small scale farmers with support for food security.

This is based on four pillars; training, access to resources, infrastructure support and market access. Their biggest need is however access to land and water. This engagement will focus on what is needed to support urban farmers to be successful, with a focus on Africa.

The lecture takes place within the framework of Prof Astrid Ley´s UPPSUM I class.

Date & time
8 December 2021, 11:30 CET

Webex Link
Meeting number: 2731 493 0560
Meeting password: m8GJ5sKmEm9