IUSD lecture by Sergio Martínez León (Mexico)

The SI and IUSD are glad to welcome Sergio Martínez León, who will be talking about “Transforming cities through planning the open public space, case of study Celaya, México“.

The lecture:

Mexico is a country with 72% of his population living in urban áreas, the gradual shift in residence from rural to urban areas, combined with the overall growth of population increases the projection toward 2030, considering it will be 80%. Since the urban phenomena started in latest 80’s, Mexico transformed its model of urban planning, taking different strategies, one of them was the implementation of municipal planning institutes. Through these, strategies are generated to rethink the territory and its cities with a sustainable vision. This vision establishes new ways of managing the city, one of them is the importance of urban public space.

The Lecturer:

Sergio Martínez León is an architect from Celaya, Guanajuato. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the Iberoamerican University, a Master of Landscape Architecture, a Diploma in Public Transport and a Diploma in open space and garden design from the Iberoamerican University. SINCE 2001 he is Director at Atelier MX/ architecture, urbanism and landscape officee at Celaya, Guanajuato. 2001-2003 he was Technical Coordinator / Department of transportation, Celaya, Gto,/MX. 2004-2005 he acted as Planning Coordintator / Public Services Department, Celaya, Gto, MX. He worked as Architecture and Urbanism Professor 2003-2017 at the University of Celaya, Latin University of Mexico and former Vice President Mexican Associationof Municipal Planning Institutes (2017- 2018).