IUSD Lecture by Kurt Ackermann

The SI and IUSD are glad to welcome Kurt Ackermann talking about “Growing food, growing community: Good Hope Farm and the new opportunities for urban agriculture in Cape Town, South Africa“.

The lecture will be offered within the frame of the seminar/elective “Critical Perspectives on the Postapartheid City”.

The Lecture

South African Urban Food & Farming Trust works to make good food fair and affordable in South Africa’s cities. We provide support and advocate on behalf of our local urban food systems. We aim to shift the conversation around urban agriculture and shape the food system on the ground in an effort to build economically, socially and physically healthy communities in South Africa’s cities.

The Lecturer

Kurt Ackermann works hands-on building non-profit urban farms to help strengthen health and social fabric within and across divided urban communities. He is co-founder of the South African Urban Food & Farming Trust, which is helping create a food system in Cape Town that is more centered on human needs and community resilience, is more healthy, and more just.