IUSD lecture by Andrea Fitrianto

The SI and IUSD are looking forward to Andrea Fitrianto´s lecture on “Bamboo in the Urban Environment“.

The lecture:
As the planet is getting more and more urbanized, there is a direct need for materials that  are alternativeto concrete and steel.  Bamboo is a fast growing plant. It is a renewable source of building material which can potentially contribute to absorbing carbon from the air; when the carbon footprint is kept low, urban development won’t cost the planet. 

Bamboo is also central in some Asian cultures. Round bamboo is familiar to work with. It requires only basic carpentry skill. Bridges, schools, and pavilions built with round bamboo, along with local skills, empirical knowledge, and experimentation holds high potential in today’s world. 

The Lecturer:
Andrea Fitrianto is an Indonesian architect who has work with communities and non-profits in the contexts of post disaster and slum upgrading. Andrea has spent a decade working with round bamboo. Among his work is Matina bamboo bridge in Davao (2011), Solo bamboo bridge (2017) and other public facilities such as  Algiva elementary school in Bogor (2014), Bamboo kindergarten (2018) in western Java, and the recent village amphitheatre (2019) in eastern Java.