IUSD Lecture #1 / Prof. Dr. Luca Bertolini, University of Amsterdam

From ‘streets for traffic’ to ‘streets for people’: How can street experiments transform urban mobility?

Experiments with city street use, design, and regulation pursuing the vision of ‘streets for people’ instead of ‘streets for traffic’ are multiplying over the world. Characteristic examples include intersection repairs, parklets, play streets, ciclovias, open streets, and most recently temporary measures spurred by the COVID-19 emergency. Their transformative potential remains, however, a desideratum of research. This lecture aims to help filling this gap by addressing the questions: Which types of city street experiments have been undertaken so far? What are their backgrounds, main characteristics, and reported impacts? And perhaps most importantly: How can these city street experiments trigger systemic change in urban mobility?

Photos: Luca Bertolini

The IUSD Lecture will be held in English via Cisco Webex on:
Thursday, 19 November 2020, at 18:00-19:30 CET.

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