IUSD Film Screening : KANADE

It is a pleasure to announce the screening of ‘Kanade’, a documentary about the architects Shankar Kanade and Navnath Kanade.

Teepoi presents a documentary, ‘Kanade’ which is carefully curated and self-produced through all its phases, with mentorship from renowned architects. The film took five years to produce before it premiered at Designuru 3.0 in Bangalore on 20 December 2021. ‘Kanade’ is part of the official selections at international film festivals including the IDSFFK Kerala, IFFM Melbourne and AFFR Rotterdam. The film has been well received by senior architects, students, critics and the general public.

The Kanade Brothers
The plot is centered around the architect-brothers, Shankar and Navnath Kanade. It captures the key aspects of their journey, including their upbringing, family life, education, profession and projects, among other milestones. Despite being from a small village, they stepped ahead to achieve greater goals. Success to them did not mean financial security alone, but the idea of doing good work no matter what the challenges. They are known for their novel contribution to the built environment of Bangalore, and as teachers with unconventional ways of imparting knowledge. Their practice, Shilpa Sindoor spanning five decades, reinvented the housing typology to make it economically viable and relevant to the context of the city. Widely considered an important milestone in Indian Architectural history, their journey and experiences as architects and teachers are invaluable for the younger generation.

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Directed by Karishma Rao & Vishwesh Shiva Prasad
Language: English & Kannada
Run time: 50 min


Date & Time
Tuesday, 16.05.2023
18:00 – 20:00 CEST

LABOR 8, K1, 8th floor