“InterUrb” Workshop, 21–22 February 2024

Bringing together emeriti and currently active scholars of international urbanism, the workshop has provided a creative atmosphere for critically discussing the preliminary results of “InterUrb” (International Urbanism) – the research project conducted by Dan Teodorovici on the development of research and teaching at German universities in development planning or international urbanism from its starting point in the 1960s up to the recent present (April 2023–March 2025, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG).

Based on the World Café method, the workshop has proved beneficial in exploring recommendations for further research focusing on three main topics:
(1) The causes of the birth of the discipline, the contexts in which its development is embedded, alongside structures, networks and pioneering figures
(2) the process of institutionalization and academic professionalization
(3) themes, strategies, methods, continuities and paradigm shifts.
The workshop was rounded off with a debate on future prospects of international urbanism.

Dr Anette Gangler (University of Stuttgart), Prof Dr Peter Herrle (TU Berlin), Prof Dr Marie Huchzermeyer (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), Prof Dr Johann Jessen (University of Stuttgart), Els Keunen (University of Stuttgart), Prof Dr Astrid Ley (University of Stuttgart), Prof Dr Kosta Mathéy (TU Darmstadt), Prof Dr Philipp Misselwitz (TU Berlin), Sonja Nebel (RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, GUtech Muskat/Oman), Dr Horst Reichert (University of Stuttgart), Prof Dr Wolf Reuter (University of Stuttgart), Jörg Sierig (TU Darmstadt), Klaus Teschner (TU Berlin, Misereor).

Group photograph, 22 February 2024.
From down left clockwise: Kosta Mathéy, Anette Gangler, Philipp Misselwitz, Johann Jessen, Jörg Sierig, Els Keunen, Peter Herrle, Wolf Reuter, Klaus Teschner, Sonja Nebel, Astrid Ley, Dan Teodorovici