Astrid Ley will give a talk within the framework of the Lecture Series “Ringvorlesung” of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart.

Architecture seems to be a male-dominated discipline. Construction site realities, office structures, professional associations (and their names) as well as magazines with titles such as Baumeister, Deutsches Architektenblatt or Der Architekt (recently renamed Die Architekt) bear witness to this. It is also a white-dominated discipline with a centuries-old colonial history, which – as David Adjaye lamented some time ago – must be described as the last industry “to take note of the issue of ‘white privilege'”. It is also a heteronormative discipline with a long tradition of silencing queer identities and ways of life. It is also a classist discipline that builds for and reproduces established power structures. And it is a traditionally ableist discipline that only late and still insufficiently takes the disability needs of disabled people seriously. The list of how architecture structurally excludes life realities and identities beyond a supposed norm could be continued – and leads inevitably to the concept of intersectionality, not least against the background of multiple discrimination.

Date & Time
Wednesday, 16 November 2022
05:30 – 06:30 pm CET

Lecture Hall M17.02 (Keplerstr. 17)

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