The exhibition represents the results of the Cape Town Design Studio 2018/19 as well as the preparatory summer school in South Africa.

The Cape Town Studio 2018/19 aimed at deconstructing some of the spatial and social complexities of urban transformation in South Africa, and particularly in Cape Town.

A preparatory summer school was financed by DAAD and Engagement Global and organized in partnership with the University of Cape Town, RWTH Aachen, the City of Cape Town and the South African Urban Food and Farming Trust in order to give the participants the opportunity to conduct on-site field work and explore the city’s approach to deal with the legacies of Apartheid in a situation of severe ecological and social stress.

The topic of „sustainable urban development through local collective action“ was chosen as an entry point to approach some of these issues, with the focus on urban agriculture as a social and spatial tool to achieve an inclusive urban development.

Kurt Ackermann and Keswa Xola from the South African Urban Food and Farming Trust and Veronika Stützel from the department of Landscape Ecology at RWTH Aachen will join us for the opening ceremony.