Call for abstracts: IFoU conference 2024

The International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU), of which SI is a member, is organising its conference themed “Urbanism of Hope” in December. The call for abstracts is currently open till 15 July. 

The conference is conceived as a response to many structural crises and fragmentations around the world in the post-pandemic era. It aims to call for deep reflections on the relationships between the local and the global, and especially creative thoughts about local solutions to wrestle with the risks and threats.

This conference is also designed to take a new format, Global Relay and to be held jointly by six IFoU members The Chinese University of Hong KongThe University of AucklandNational Taiwan UniversityEPFLDelft University of Technology and University of Buenos Aires. Each of the six institutions will take turns to host a session under one specific sub-theme, and each session will be in a hybrid mode with online components for all participants and on-site components to further engage local audiences. It is hoped that in this way ideas and perspectives pertaining to different contexts can be more fruitfully exchanged and discussed in the conference as a virtual tour around the world.

The deadline for abstract submission will be 15 July 2024. More details about the conference can be found in the conference website: