Book now published in Open Access

New book now also published in Open Access

Astrid Ley / Ashiq Ur Rahman / Josefine Fokdal (eds.)
Housing and Human Settlements in a World of Change (2020)

The challenge of housing is increasingly recognized in international policy discussions in connection to the processes of migration, climate change, and economic globalization. This book addresses the challenges of housing and emerging solutions along the lines of three major dynamics: migration, climate change, and neo-liberalism. It explores the outcomes of neo-liberal »enabling« ideas, responses to extreme climate events with different housing approaches, and how the dynamics of migration reshape the urban housing provision in a changing world. The aim is to contextualize the theoretical discourses by reflecting on the case study context of the eleven papers published in this book.

With forewords by Rachel Rolnik (University Sao Paulo) and Mohammed El Soufi (UN-Habitat).
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