Book announcement: Informal Transactions of low income houses in South Africa / by Sandile Mbatha

It is a great pleasure to announce this new publication: Sandile Mbatha´s PhD thesis which has been supervised by Professor Astrid Ley and Professor Emeritus Peter Herrle.

Focusing on a case study from South Africa, Sandile´s study contributes to the understanding of the complex reasons of how informality occurs and evolves in post-colonial societies.

Through a series of intricate informal processes and human-centric institutional arrangements, beneficiaries of South African government-subsidized housing force formally registered properties into informality. Sandile Mbatha explores the concept of informality in relation to how such beneficiaries challenge predominant understandings of property relations. These practices are embedded in complex urban tenure dynamics that prevail in post-colonial societies; societies, in which the state’s imposition of predominantly western forms of tenure and property rights ignore the anthropological nature of housing.

Sandile Mbatha
Informal Transactions of Low Income Houses in South Africa.
A Case Study of eThekwini Municipality.

transcript Verlag (Bielefeld)

Released on 14 July 2022, 244 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8376-6279-5

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PDF version 44,99 € *