BioUrbEcon / New BMBF-funded Project to foster research cooperation with Australia and New Zealand

The Department of International Urbanism will take part in the BMBF-funded „BioUrbEcon“ project: “Bio-based Urban Economy – A bio-based urban economy for more climate protection and sustainability” (2021-22).

BioUrbEcon is a travelling conference aiming to foster practice-based research cooperation with Australia and New Zealand. BioUrbEcon intends (1) to identify, concretise and investigate research priorities and project implementation with regard to „Bioeconomy in the city“ and (2) to initiate project cooperations with partners in Australia and New Zealand (Brisbane, Syndey and Wellington). This inter- and transdisciplinary project will address bioeconomic concepts for cities and urban regions in the light of sustainability goals and innovation efforts from business and politics.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is supposed, subject to the development of the COVID pandemic, to start in autumn 2021.