„Auf Sand gebaut?“/ „Built on Sand?“: Publication out now!

The documentation of the interdisciplinary workshop on the challenges of sand as construction material organized by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL during the covid pandemic has been published now. This workshop sought to explore the imminent need of careful monitoring sand exploitation on a global scale, especially as the world is obviously running out of sand. Astrid Ley’s contribution focuses on the need of sustainable urban planning: “Only sustainable urban and neighbourhood development saves resources” [“Nur eine nachhaltige Stadt- und Quartiersentwicklung spart Ressourcen”, pp. 22-23].

Astrid Ley (2023): ‘Nur eine nachhaltige Stadt- und Quartiersentwicklung spart Ressourcen‘. In: Engagement Global (ed.), “Auf Sand Gebaut?” Dokumentation des Fachgesprächs. Onlineveranstaltung am 20. Oktober 2020. Bonn: Engagement Global, 2023, pp. 22-23.

Organizer: ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL, Stuttgart branch / The Service Agency Communities in One World in Germany