Astrid Ley takes part in URBAN SPACES Opening Event / New Dehli

“Urban Spaces. Rethinking City Life” is a new online project for young urbanites organized by the Goethe-Institut New Delhi. The project will comprise a whole series of events, lectures, panel discussions and workshops, with topics including architecture, urban design, urban planning, sustainability, social spaces, public art, photography and much more.

“Urban Spaces” will revolve around questions such as: How can we make our cities more socially friendly and attractive? How can we come together safely in public places in times of the pandemic? How can we make our city’s spaces more climate-friendly and sustainable? What is our vision of a liveable city?

“Urban Spaces” will kick off with an Impulse Week starting from 20 September 2021. The Opening Event will consist of a panel discussion on „Our Cities in Transition. The future of public space”.

For this panel Astrid Ley will join Brinda Somaya, Saif Ul Haque and professor Durganand Balsavar in a discussion hosted by Arunava Dasgupta.

Date & Time of the Discussion Panel in which Astrid Ley will take part:
Monday, 20 September 2021 12:30h CEST

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