Astrid Ley discusses with author Wytske Versteeg about post-fossil cities at the “Next Frontiers”

The question of what our future might look like is always a tantalizing one. The Stuttgart Future Congress „Next Frontiers. Applied Fiction Days“ 2021 has invited science fiction authors and scientists to tackle this intriguing question in series of discussions about AI, about quantum computing, about life on Mars, and also about the post-fossil city. The latter will be the topic for a discussion between Astrid Ley and Dutch author Wytske Versteeg.

Conference date & time
Thursday, 23 September 2021, 10:00 – 17:30h CEST

Haus der Architekten, Danneckerstr. 54, 70182 Stuttgart

Date & Time of the discussion in which Astrid Ley will engage:
23 September 2021, circa 11:45 – 13:00h CEST

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The number of participants in „Next Frontiers“ is limited and the available places are already taken. However, a waiting list has been established and you can register for it at the following e-mail address: Proof of vaccination, recovery or testing (3G proof) is required to attend the event.

What is more, “Next Frontiers” invites up to 5 students of the University of Stuttgart to a free attendance including a free lunch. For further information please visit:

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