Astrid Ley contributes to 2021 TRIALOG Annual Conference

“Changing voices? European Civil Society in the Global Urban Development Discourse” is the subject of the 2021 TRIALOG Annual General Meeting organized in collaboration with the IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

This TRIALOG Conference aims at a critical (self-)reflection of the manifold activities of European academia and civil society, both past and future, in the global urbanisation discourse. Twelve panels will discuss the performances and influences of academic institutions and urban stakeholders, especially of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and the changes they experienced over the past decades. This includes the challenging of prejudices and hegemonic development interpretations, and the promotion of alternative paths of urban development, particularly with regarding the commitment to improve the overall situation of the urban poor. Against this background, this year´s TRIALOG Conference also intends to reflect on the future of a globalized civil society.

Astrid Ley will take part in the Panel VIII, „Housing, Civil Society and the State“, along with Dr Julian Canedo (TU Berlin), Professor Johnny Astrand (Lund University, Sweden), Matthias Nohn (Rapid Urbanism (IAUAI), and Klaus Teschner (formerly Misereor). Moderated by Gerhart Kienast (University of Kassel), this panel will thus bring together different generations of TRIALOG e.V. members to discuss the TRIALOG contribution to the Housing, civil society and the State discourse.

This TRIALOG Conference will take place online from 8 to 25 September 2021.

Please consult the full conference program here:
TRIALOG Conference 2021_Program

Date & Time of Panel VIII in which Astrid Ley will participate:
Friday, 17 September 2021 17:00h UTC | 19:00h CEST

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