“A Catalyst for Innovation”: New Research Article out now!

The renowned journal Planning Theory & Practice (The Taylor & Francis Group / Routledge) has published online a new research article by Franziska Schreiber, Josephine Fokdal and Astrid Ley : A Catalyst for Innovation? A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing the Potential of Urban Experiments to Transform Urban Planning Practices.

Urban experimentation is increasingly seen as a means to facilitate (social) innovation and to promote sustainability transitions. However, whether and how novel approaches developed in local experiments get adopted and contribute to changes in the municipal planning practice has been insufficiently investigated and theorized. This article develops a conceptual framework to study the ‘innovation potential’ of urban experiments for urban planning. By deciphering the factors, actors, and processes that influence how urban experiments impact or innovate planning practices, we offer a novel perspective on what should be considered in their analysis, design and implementation and suggest avenues for future research.

Published online in Planning Theory & Practice: 20 April 2023