Handbook of Quality of Life and Sustainability /Book chapter

Astrid Ley, Sigrid Busch and Yassine Moustanjidi contributed to the Handbook of Quality of Life and Sustainability, published by Springer.

“The handbook compiles different studies related to quality of life and sustainability considering social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political/governance aspects as well as specific socio-spatial contexts… It handbook provides a multiplicity of disciplinary, methodological, and scalar perspectives, given works at different levels such as country, urbanrural areas, and localities or neighborhoods.”


Ley, A.; Ackermann, K.; Beretta, A.; Busch, B.; Dieterle, J.; El-Shahat, M; Hosni, ,J.; Laue, F.; Moustanjidi,Y. ; Stützel, V. (2021): Public Usable Space as a Catalyst for Quality of Life Improvement: The Case of Cape Towns Social Farming Projects. Berlin: Springer Verlag, pp. 469-496