EIE 2018 – EZBET International Exhibition

The EZBET Team at SI invites students from University of Stuttgart to join the EUR-pallet creative Workshop taking place from 27th of October to 10th of November 2018. As a preparation of the EZBET INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION (EIE), the workshop opens-up the idea of multi-functionality of materials and specifically on how to reuse EUR-Pallets in furniture and exhibition units. Under a cooperation with IRGE Institut, Prof. Anupama Kundoo (Gast-Professor at IRGE) will give a lecture about „Building Communities“ and „Sustain-able Architecture and materials“

This is an opportunity where Egyptian and German students work together – hand in hand – to think, create and implement an exhibition that shows a five-years’
experience project. As for the technical expertise, Mr. Kulla & Mr. Schneider from Fakultätswerkstatt Architektur will accompany us with their knowledge and Experience during the whole workshop and the implementation of the exhibition. 

The topic of the workshop is about reusing EUR-Pallets as a recycled material, which demonstrates the project´s concept for development in the informal settlements in Cairo: LOW-Cost, LOW-Tech, and Re-Used sustainable architectural interventions. EIE 2018 showcases and discuses EZBET Project’s experiences in community development in the informal settlements in Cairo and the participatory approaches – Bottom Up Approaches that enable the communities to be part of the process and the decision making of upgrading their world without changing its Logic, Culture and Identity. The exhibition will be an interactive platform for visitors to understand the context and witness the prototypes of the interventions in Egypt. 

Expected Outputs: Technical report with architectural details of the Euro-Pallet as well as the other innovative materials used in the exhibtion.