TRIALOG 137(2) is out now!

The newest issue in TRIALOG 137(2) is an outcome of the 2019 TRIALOG Conference held in Stuttgart on co-productive processes in urban development and research.

It showcases empirical evidence from across the globe in an attempt to offer an alternative perspective to the rather widely dominating discourse in urban sustainability.

Thereby the call for transdisciplinary research and, consequently, co-production of knowledge in order to incorporate the complexity of unstructured problems is contrasted by the discourse in development studies that recognizes co-production of knowledge as a means of empowerment. Both discourses share the aim of developing innovative and applicable solutions to cope practically with major societal challenges.

However, empirical evidence that sheds light on co-production of knowledge in urban development is limited. The editors attempt to fill that gap by presenting a collection of ten interesting contributions.

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