Goethe-Instiut Bandung will host a discussion about the results of our joint Traveling Studio in Indonesia (2019), with the participation of students from the Melbourne, Stuttgart and Bandung as well as local and international experts.

In late 2019, students from the University of Stuttgart, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and the University of Melbourne came together in the Traveling Studio The city In-between, Designing with Urban Informality in Bandung, Indonesia” to learn more about informal urban developments and to explore how to initiate a more inclusive planning along the contested Cikapundung riverscape – a prominent green urban corridor in the city of Bandung, lined with dense informal settlements. The observations and design works emerging from international groups of students were supposed to come back to Bandung in form of an exhibition one year later. Due to COVID-19 the exhibition was shifted to the digital space. Link:

Together with Goethe-Institut Bandung, the three collaborating universities highlight the virtual exhibition in a two-panel-event on Zoom that will be broadcasted to Youtube. Students from the different universities will give an exhibition tour and discuss their works and perspectives with visual artist Tisna Sanjaya, founder of Cigondewah Cultural Centre (Imah Budaya (Ibu) Cigondewah) based at the Cigondewah riverspace in Bandung. To look at the topic from a current perspectives, the leading professors of the project discuss (post)pandemic conditions of informality, sustainability, and resilience with renowned Indonesia-based urbanists.

Panel 1: Envisioning the In-between City through the lens of art and design

23 November from 9:00-10:30 CET on Youtube

In a joint traveling studio students from the University of Melbourne, the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and ITB (Indonesia) considered the urban conditions along the Cikapundung River in Bandung, where urban renewal, green agenda, kampung growth and gentrification are gaining momentum. Their design works gathered in the virtual exhibition In-between City are attempts to shape a more inclusive urbanism by integrating architectural, urban design and landscape architecture thinking. Visual artist  Dr. Tisna Sanjaya founded Cigondewah Cultural Centre (Imah Budaya (Ibu) Cigondewah) as an art work and institution on the Cigondewah riverbanks in 2007 to artistically raise awareness on how to adopt and to adapt sustainable modes of urban living. He will give insights on current works of the centre and envision the In-between City together with the students based on their art and design practices.

Tisna Sanjaya (Bandung-based artist and lecturer at ITB) and students from the University of Melbourne (Australia), the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and ITB (Indonesia)


Panel 2: (Post)Pandemic Urbanism: Reflections on Informality, Sustainability, and Resilience of Indonesian Cities

24 November from 9:00-10:30 CET on Youtube

The global pandemic situation has in many ways exposed the landscape of inequality in cities throughout the world, particularly in terms of access to urban amenities, open green spaces and affordable housing. At the same time, many kampung communities in Indonesia have demonstrated their resilience and ability to adapt to the challenging situations while the formal cities continue to benefit from the flexibility and reliability of the informal economy sectors. Have the pandemic then generated critical reflections on the landscape of inequality embodied within the contrasting urban conditions of Indonesian cities? Have the pandemic broaden up the envisioning of futures cities in Indonesia, including a rethinking of the relationship between density and access to open green space and riverscape? Have the resilience and social capital showcased by some of the historical urban kampung in cities such as Bandung, Yogyakarta and other cities in Southeast Asia broaden up public conversation about social diversity as a component of sustainable urban future in the country?

Dr. Budi Faisal (ITB), Amanda Achmadi and Sidh Sintusingha (University of Melbourne), Yassine Moustanjidi and Prof. Astrid Ley (University of Stuttgart), and Kamil Muhammad (Architecture Sans Frontiere – Indonesia)


  • Agung Sentausa (Founder of SAKALA CreDu)
  • Dr. Wiryono Raharjo (Vice Rector for Partnership & Entrepreneurship & Senior Lecturer of Architecture at Universitas Islam Indonesia in Yogyakarta)
  • Tisna Sanjaya (Bandung-based artist and lecturer at ITB)

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