IUSD lecture by Prof. Dr. Md Ashiq Ur Rahman

The SI and IUSD are looking forward to welcome Prof. Dr. Md Ashiq Ur Rahman who will talk about

“Prospects of Community-led Housing in a Changing World“.

The lecture:
Cities in developing countries have experienced unprecedented rate of urbanisation, while there has been an inability of the public and private sectors to respond satisfactorily in providing adequate housing and infrastructure to the poor. Since World War II, many different housing approaches had been implemented, which shifted from public housing to self-help/aided self-help housing, site and services and enabling approaches. Globally a shift has been observed in the prominence of neo-liberal development strategies for promoting market based solution for housing. However this approach failed to consider the varied nature of urban poverty associated socio-economic and political context of developing countries. In this back drop community-led housing process has emerged as a different thought of action which is propulsive, inclusive and initiated by the community. This lecture will be an attempt to showcase the prospects of such alternative thinking by drawing examples of different case study contexts of global south. 


The Lecturer:
Md Ashiq Ur Rahman is a Professor of Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh. Ashiq has strong interest and experience to deal with urban and housing policy issues in global south. He gained his MSc in Urban Development Planning programme of Development Planning Unit of University College London and was awarded with PhD in Urban Studies from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. His field of research interest and career motivation lies in pro-poor urban development initiatives. He believes that individuals have their own capabilities and combining those capabilities towards democratic development is essential. In the recent past, he worked as Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Department of International Urbanism of Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart, Germany.