Futuring Workshop 2021: “Participatory design of people-centered cities”


The Department of International Urbanism will organize a 3-day futuring workshop on ‚Participatory design of people-centered cities – How to shape the future we want?‘ in 2021 thanks to funding from the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Bringing together IUSD students, alumni and global experts, the workshop aims to initiate a critical reflection on established methods and existing concepts of ‚participatory design of people-centred cities‘ and produce new ideas for how to take the field further in “practice”, “research” and “education”.

The workshop serves as a platform to generate a creative exchange among IUSD students, alumni and global experts in the field and thus fills a currently missing link to a young generation that will be driving urban transformation processes in the future.

The event will take place from 15–17 February 2021 in Stuttgart. The programme and exact venue will be announced in due time before February 2021.